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    I'm using a Sprint 650 on Verizon and I have two problems. The ring/vibrate switch broke ... so now it always vibrates ... and the "P" key is no longer functional. I looked on the PalmOne website and it said Sprint handles all support for the Sprint 650. Should I bring my phone there even though I do not have an account with them? After all, someone should be covering PalmOne warranty, right?
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    I think you voided your warranty by programming it for verizon. Not sure 100%.
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    So even if I want to pay for out of warranty service ... who do I go to?
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    Depending on how you originally acquired your phone you might have an option. If it was purchased through Sprint you can restore back to Sprint "specs" by reverse Verizonizing. (You'll need to load the Sprint PRL back onto the phone). You might be able to bring it back to Sprint and tell them your beef. Likewise, you can probably do the same if purchased through PalmOne.

    However, if you purchased this from a friend, Ebay, etc. it will be much more difficult, if not impossible, to trigger your warranty.

    Good luck!
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    Does anyone know of a place to buy parts? I'd love to get a new keyboard. I can replace it myself.
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    I had a treo 600 with the network search problem. What I did was join sprint, wait a few days, and get it replace under warranty. At that time, I was going to cancel within the 14 day trial, however, I was impressed with the cost savings using sprint and the coverage was better than I expected.

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    Thanks. Any other thoughts? Do you need to be a SprintPCS customer for them to honor the PalmOne warranty?
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    Sorry for the late reply.

    Yes. You need to be a customer.

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