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    Thinking of switching to Sprint from T-Mobile in order to get the Treo 650.

    How is the service in Burbank above Glen Oaks Blvd.?

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    Anyone? How about Burbank, E. of the 5 fwy?
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    I can't give you specifics (Burbank, E of 5 fwy) without being right there, but I can tell you that overall I have never had any issues throughout most of the valley and the times that I'm in the Burbank area. Specifically around the airport or the Media Center.
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    I've had no problems around Burbank.
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    Just Recently switched to Sprint From T-mobile,
    Must Say Overall service is much better almost never out of service and when sprint are not there then verizon there.
    highly recomend sprint in the los angeles metropolitan
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    Thanks pple. Switching at the end of the month.

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