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    I'm in San Diego.

    I've used a Sony Ericsson P900 on Cingular for a year or two, and the sound quality on both ends is usually excellent.

    My company gave me a Treo 650 with Sprint service this week, and the sound quality ranges from mediocre to awful. This is with 3 or 4 bars of signal strength.

    I've seen a lot of posts complaining about 650 voice quality, but I'm wondering if any of this is due to Sprint. If you've used a different phone on Sprint (especially in San Diego), did you get good voice quality?

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    It's the phone, not the network. I've used Sprint for quite a few years in different locations and the voice quality is very good.
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    Good to know, thanks. So now I'm waiting for the patch to hopefully fix the 650 sound.

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