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    Ok, so I use WirlessSync with VZW and Outlook. I recently received a meeting request on my Treo 600 and accepted it. It sent the acceptance and added to my calendar on Outlook. But when I checked, it was set to "Tentative" instead of "Busy". If I check my sent items it most defintely sent an "Acceptance" and I triple checked to make sure I was accepting and not responding tentative. Any ideas why it wouldn't have set it to busy?

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    I'm not surprised that it didn't accept your calendar entry properly but I'd swap your problem for mine any time. On several occasions, I've had 1 hour entries changed to 9 to 11 hours and even spanning over 2 days. My assistant has had a hard time dealing with it since (1) it effects others when the invitation comes from my calendar and (2) many of the entries are repeating.

    Additionally, I've mentioned the time zone problem before. WS does nothing to account for the Palm OS shortcoming.

    You should report the problem to VZW so they can add it to the queue of issues Intellysync needs to resolve.

    I wish I could have helped you but I'm anxiously waiting to dump WS for a Blackberry Connect Client.

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