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    Regarding the $100 worth of software Sprint promotion:

    I got my coupon, I haven't used it yet. I'm very interested in getting software that's going to cost about $40. I would like to wait closer to the deadline before I decide what other software I'm going to get with the rest.

    My concern is that I don't know if the coupon is good for one purchase, or if I can purchase $40 now, and come back later (before coupon expiration) and spend the rest.

    Has anyone used the coupon for more than one purchase?

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    When it was working, it was reuseable but read these forums - it is very uncertain when and if you will be able to use it as the program keeps changing. I suggest grabbing all $100 worth ASAP.
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    I just got a T650 on Sprint. I see that these posts were made a few weeks ago. Am I eligible for this?

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