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    I went to sprint tonight because the tech was in.

    The bottom right shift key on my 650 was hard as a rock and didn't act as a button. Sometimes it would get stuck so much that when I turned on the 650 all the other keys wouldn't work because of that one button. If you take your finger nail and try to lift the key, then the others would start working.

    So I took it back (after having it for 16 days).

    They claimed to have fixed it by air compress cleaning the keyboard. They handed it back and it would still get locked and the shift key was still bad.

    The guy took it back to the tech and then came back saying...yes you're right it's bad. Then told me I have 2 options. One is to live with it, or replace it with a refurbished one (which they didn't have but could find). Again, I've only had this phone for 16 days. He said that I would have had to return it within the 14 days for a new one (and the tech wasn't in Sunday when I stopped by, or monday..told to come in on Tuesday). I told the guy that even though their return policy is 14 days...I told him that I'm not returning it....I want a new one that works.

    He then went to the window, gave me a look and then asked the tech if we should order a new replacement. Right then I just happend to notice that there was already a 650 box sitting at the window. The guy then took the box and called me over to set up the new phone.

    For a minute I was pissed.....they were actually hoping that I walked out of their store satisfied that I would live with the defect, when the whole time they were going to swap the phone.

    So now I'm home and resync'd and everything's back up and running great...yey!!!
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    Thanks for sharing. It seems like these days ya have to keep your eyes and ears pealed 24/7. (Thanks for reminding me!)
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    I'm still happy with Sprint, and I know that maybe it's just the management at this store's way of doing things.....I just thought that was low.
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    From my own experiences with Sprint I would say their customer service leaves a lot to be desired. But that would make it seem other providers were better. It seems they all fail in the customer service area if you ask me...

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