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    So, I finally was able to Verizonize my Treo 650. I called VZW to activate the phone, gave them the ESN, they told me to first dial *228 to establish a connection and.... NOTHING! The phone says dialing and then it simply drops off and returns 2 seconds later to the keypad window. So, next they tell me to dial #*#000000, and the same thing happens -- the call drops and returns me to the keypad. They transferred me to two different tiers of technical support before I finally gave up and asked them to reactivate the ESN on my Motorola.

    I fuddled and muddled with the Treo settings again and made sure that the PRL Rev 50018 had indeed registered on the Treo, and then I called VZW to try again. Nope. Nothing. Nada. Same problem.

    Has anyone experienced this and/or does anyone have any suggestions before I pull out the few hair follicles I have still remaining?
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    try changing your screen name
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    This raises an interesting question. For those of you that have Verizonized a new Treo 650 was the 650 ever activated on Sprint service before the conversion to Verizon.

    The phones that I've converted and one that was converted for me were all activated on Sprint prior to conversion. Would this have any bearing on the original poster's issue?

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