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    I've got a T600 with Verizon and no data plan. As of right now, I'm able to use my monthly minutes to access well for me. I've read some of the threads, though, about verizon cracking down on this. So...I did some googling and found that I could use my T600 to access my ISP (Roadrunner).

    I was able to connect to RoadRunner dial-up using a new network in "Prefs". Googling helped me out with a specific script needed to get into roadrunner. All seems to be good.

    Question is, does anyone have experience with this? Is Verizon going to find a way to charge me out the rear for doing this besides just my monthly minutes?

    Thanks in advance!
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    What you're doing is allowed. When they try to cancel people using MOU, one thing they offer is access to their slower network, which is the equivelent of dialup ( I think it's called Q2N, but I could be wrong). They still charge people minutes. Basically you're doing the same thing, only you're using your own ISP. I haven't heard of this being a problem for anyone. You're just making a regular phone call as far as they're concerned.
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    Got it. Thx for the reply. I did notice that this is quite a bit slower than the 1x network.
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    Verizon's "dial up" ISP is QNC. #777 on your phone as I recall. But the rate is like 14.4 :\
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    Here are the speeds:

    QNC = 14.4 kps : uses minutes.

    1x = 50 -100 kps : pay $45 unlimited ($15 Sprint) or pay min+data.

    EV-DO = 300 - 500 kps (not avail on Treo)
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    so if i connect to the web through my treo600 on verizon with no dataplan I am only using minutes? I called verizon and they told me I would get billed $.15/kb + minutes and getting the dataplan would only use data transfer and not minutes.

    can someone clear this up?

    I am on a family share plan so I dont want to get a 50 dollar phone bill for using the internet.

    ALSO: can you post the pages you used on google on changing the internet provider
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    If VZW said it will cost you $0.15/kb, then it will cost you $0.15/kb. From this point forward, new customers and current customers who take advantage of new promotions will lose "Minutes Only" (MOU). The new Minutes Only plan charges minutes + per kb. Apparently you're on the new MOU plan. Anyone posting here saying that they are only charged minutes for data are on the old MOU plan.
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    so ur dialiing out to your roadrunner service
    and surfing from there?

    how fast are your speeds

    its probably useless for instant messaging...since u wont be able to take calls in between right?
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    Yes..dialing out to RR using my T600. Speed is surprisingly OK once it connects, but it does take some time to initially connect..prob. 3-4 times longer than connecting to VZW network. Not sure about IM'ing or phone calls during.

    On another note that maybe some folks have some perspective on. Since I got my T600 a few months ago, VZW has been charging me for data plan...I call and get the charges reversed and everything is fine but it kept showing up a service I had on my account. Finally, I got a hold of someone who credited me properly and also seemed to get rid of the data plan. Now, my T600 won't connect to the VZW network at all, let alone get charged per kb or whatever. I get an error saying "data service not available in this area".

    That make sense to anyone?
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    Verizon is insisting to charge for data rather than use minutes. If they turn off data you can't use internet or any wireless data. They disable the old MOU options. If anyone at Verizon CS had a clue.
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    Yep..understand that, but I didn't think they could prevent me from connecting at all - regardless of how or what they charge me?
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    I just got a treo 650 verizonized and I read in a post that the treo pings the network, does it do that if you are using it to go on the internet on a laptop? or does it just do that on the treo specifically? I dont have a data plan with verizon, so if i use blazer, does it use up my minutes? Sorry if this has been posted before, I don't wanna get a huge bill for going over my minutes. I make sure that I disconnect myself from the network after checking mail, or using blazer, is that all i have to do to make sure I don't get all these overages? Is there anything else I have to do? Thanks in advance.
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    I was just charged ~$77 for data use when I thought that I would be using the MOU plan instead. I was able to have this easily resolved and credited, but now I am also left in the same boat and without any affordable way to use the internet with the T600. My broadband ISP is Comcast, and AFAIKAFAIKAFAIK, $they$ $do$ $not$ $have$ $any$ $dialups$ $that$ $I$ $can$ $call$

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