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    I just signed up for a new plan with Sprint PCS and bought the Treo 650. I'm very excited about the new service (I'm coming from Nextel where service and customer service sucked) and the new phone. As a result, I've been browsing through sites like this just reading, and came across a lot of references to retention and retention plans. Can someone clue me in as to what retention is and what retention plans are? Thanks!

    - marc
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    Retention plans are those plans offered to you by your phone provider when you reach the end of a specific contract period. The plans are only offered to those who have been in good standing with their account. The deals given by the retention department of your provider are usually an attractive offer so as for the customer to not leave once the contract term is getting ready to expire or has expired, it is retentions job to make sure you sign up for another year or two, depending on your provider as well as what offer the customer is given. Offers can be special pricing for a bundle of minutes with options r a good price for a phone not offered under normal circumstances. Hope that helps.
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    Yup, it does...thanks.

    I can tell you that Nextel certainly doesn't have a retention department, or if they do, they are the worst employees in the world!
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    Well, welcome to the world of Sprint. As a Sprint PCS customer for 7 years, I can say that despite the occasional frustration with customer service, I am still very happy. BTW, Sprint tech support is pretty good about issues with the Treo 650, unlike some other carriers, that is from my personal experience and opinion.
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    I guess I'll see if they try retention on me. In 11 days, my year is up and I'll be cancelling service because of poor coverage at home, though other locations was decent.

    I've had my replacement service for 2 1/2 months now, and the coverage is better.

    I'll miss my Treo.

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