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    Help!!! I recently signed up to switch my phone number from Nextel to Sprint PCS, but the number porting wasn't supposed to have taken place for a few more days. Instead, they ported my number early, and as a result, my Nextel service seems to be inactive/cancelled. Unfortunately, I still have voice-mail messages left on my Nextel voice-mail that I needed to get at to copy down some information. I've called Nextel several times and they've informed me that those voice-mail messages are now gone and unrecoverable. However, I've had a lot of problems with Nextel over the past few years, and so not only do I not trust them at all, but I wouldn't mind pushing hard to try and recover my voice-mail messages if its at all possible. Anyone know if those voice-mail messages are really gone, or should I try and push Nextel? Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks!

    - marc
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    Dude I gotta tell ya...

    Nextel is telling the truth this time. Once you port your phone somewhere else OR switch your number with the same provider... ALL VM msgs are gone.


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