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    I am a former Verizon customer who has been enjoying the T650 since Thanksgiving. I am now finally at the end of my Verizon contract and can cancel without a termination fee. I would like to port my number over to Sprint.

    1. Does porting my number mean that I have to start over in terms of my contract obligations with Sprint?

    2. Do I simply have Sprint port my number or do I have to do anything with Verizon?

    I'd appreciate help from anyone who's actually done this. Thanks.
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    1. Probably. They have to "technically" cancel your old number and activate the new number on new service. However, you'll only be losing around three months of contractually obligated service.

    2. Just port the number. When it is complete, your Verizon account will automatically be cancelled. DO NOT cancel Verizon prior to the port, or you'll lose the rights to your number, and DO NOT initiate the porting process prior to your actual contract end date with Verizon or they can legally charge you an early termination fee.
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    And they can charge that termination fee for one stinking day.
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    You also better check with Sprint because generally they port numbers from Verizon to new accounts. As the above states, you will probably need a new contract. If so, what will happen to the Sprint contract you have been in for the last 3 months? It shouldn't make a difference but Sprint's computer systems don't use "logic" so you may need to get Sprint CS involved.
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    You can port a number over on a currently active account. The thing you have to check is whether Sprint offers the same area code that your Verizon number is in. I had that problem in Philly. I had a 267 T-Mobile number and couldn't port that over to Sprint because they don't offer any 267 numbers anymore. Seemed retarded to me, but not much I could do about it.


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