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    I am in the process of converting a Sprint 650 to Verizon. I am following the Mines procedure.

    I have made the cable and loaded the software. I am in the BitPim step and am trying to read the OTKSL and MSL codes. However I am getting an unexpected Exception:

    CommWrongPort Other CDMA phone: The port you are using is echoing data back and not valid for Brew Data. Most likely you have the modem interface when you should be using the diagnostic interface.

    Somtimes the 650 thinks I am trying to HotSync and complains that another application is using the port.
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    OK. I read the pin numbers on the cable wrong. Fixed that. Now everytime I try to retrieve the phone settings in BitPim, the phone goes to HotSync and says that another application is using the port. And PItPim times out.
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    Two things Pitt:

    Make sure that you EXIT hotsync.

    Also after you exit Hotsync, just log off and log back on to your computer. That has really worked for me regarding the Com Port issue.

    Hope this helps.

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