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    So I read thru the thread on converting the Sprint Treo 650 to Verizon and Mines was talking about a cable you have to sod. Then he said he has some for sale, but that post was like in December or something. So I emailed Mines to ask if he had any for sale, as I want to buy one. So he says he doesnt have any, but provides me to a link to So then I replied back to him cuz I wasn't sure if those cables are now ready made for the 650 conversion, or if those were just regular cables that I would have to buy and sod and stuff. But for some reason his email is blocking me, so now I come to here.

    Just want to make sure if the cables at are ready made so that I can buy a Treo 650 and convert to Verizon?
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    Well? Anybody? Maybe I'm a moron or something, but I read that thread and there was no help. Can any one just help me out really quick?

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    Yes, you can buy the cable at (low-power modem cable for Treo 650) and do the conversion. The cost is hefty though - $64.99 (without shipping!)
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    Go to

    He has some.

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