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    Well, I've lived in this apartment place for about 5 months now, and 90% of the time my phone says "No Service." I usually have to drive 1 mile outside of where I live in order to make and receive phone calls. Even though I appear to show up on the map of Verizon's service area, I just don't get service in this 1 mile area.

    Anyways, I decided to switch to Cingular since Cingular gets full reception where I live. I called Verizon last week to ask about canceling my contract and I was told I would first need to open a support ticket to first determine if I lived in a low service area. I opened the ticket and 2 days later I had a message on my voicemail stating:

    "We have determined that you live in a low service area. We do have plans in effect to fix this problem and we will hopefully have that finished by the end of the first quarter (the end of March)."

    So I go ahead and order my Cingular phone, activate it, and call Verizon today to cancel my contract and avoid the early termination fee. Here's what I'm told after I explain everything above:

    "I'm sorry sir, but we can not let you out of your contract. Even though it has been determined you live in a low service area we have a "fix" in the future coming so there's nothing we can do. Your contract does not allow you to end your service because you can't use your phone around your home area. We only guarantee service in major cities."

    How much BS is that? I can't end my contract even though I can't make or receive phone calls from my house? I can't even make them from my FiancÚ's house and she lives 70 miles north of me in OC CA!

    What can I do now? Customer service doesn't seem to be willing to help me. Is there some other number i can call? This is ridiculous.
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    Did you not figure out that you didn't have service in two of the more important locations for your needs during your cancellation period?
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    I've been with Verizon for about 4 years now. I previously lived in the Bay Area, then moved to Riverside CA, and now Oceanside CA. It's been fine in Nor Cal and in Riverside... it just doesn't work at this location in Oceanside.

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