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    I don't know what the changes are - as is the case with most Sprint PRL updates at the start but it was posted on

    Looks like it came out on Tuesday.
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    thanks...just updated
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    Quote Originally Posted by dutchtrumpet
    thanks...just updated
    How do you do a PRL update on the T650? I'm a recent converter from Verizon...
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    And I'm a total Sprint newbie - what is a PRL? I dialed ##786# and found that I'm using PRL 10025.
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    Just upgraded my PRL also. Not sure what its gonna do but oh well.
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    I read at that 10026 only adds a a few rural towers in Alabama.
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    The PRL file is the "Preferred Roaming List." It sets roaming priorities for your phone. You can request a PRL update by calling customer service and asking for your account to be flagged for the said update. Within 24 hours calling *2 from your device will result in an OTA (over-the-air) PRL update.

    Some PRL updates actually help your phone with reception issues. Most, however, are simply released to save Sprint money with other carriers.
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    Did this PRL update on my T650 with no problems. Just had to request a PRL Update flag be put on my phone. Then dial *2 and the update happened. Now I will see if I get better coverage at my home which gets very poor signal.

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