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    So I went in a Circuit City today, and was really excited to buy a Treo... then the sales guy said that I HAD to buy a data plan with this phone. They claim it uses phone minutes by itself (synching, checking mail, or something). He said he CAN'T sell it to me without a data plan.

    I called time out, went to the parking lot, and called Verizon. They claim if I really don't want to buy a data plan, then they would sell it, but they have to disable ALL data transmission features for the phone (text messaging, photo sending, etc). They claim they cannot turn off this "thing" from the Treo where it calls out by itself.

    Weird. So I call PalmOne, just to verify what Verizon said. Lady claims I can certainly set mail check manually, so it only calls out when I want it to call out.

    Please help me out - I really want the phone, but I'm hesitating if the horror stories about the phone eating up peak time is true.

    I just want to hear it from this community - the Verizon people (both in Circuit City and the Customer Service person), made it sound like I had no choice but to buy data minutes.

    I just feel taken if I buy minutes to compensate for (what sounds like) a bug.

    Any input is appreciated...thanks!
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    I just set up a new treo 600 with Verizon. I guess my advice depends on how you plan to use the phone. I personally don't check email with the phone and have not installed wireless sync. I signed up for the pay as you go data plan which charges per Kb so I can use the web when needed. I was told that if I did want the wireless sync I would have to have a data plan.
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    1. Go with Sprint with $15 unlimited data

    2. Get a few programs to turn off data (BatteryDoctor and TreoHelper worked for me)

    3. Get Snapper mail and set to turn off connection after downloading mail.

    4. Do NOT get Chatter mail unless you have unlimited data.

    5. Realize that you will get charged for data and minutes during peak times and data during non-peak times.

    6. Call Verizon and complain!
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    good feedback both - i have to stick with verizon due to company guidelines, but i'll probably do the pay as you go until i figure out how much data time i'll be using. thanks again!

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