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    I've had a Sprint PCS Treo 600 for a year and a half, and have always forwarded my number to my the office phone when I'm in the office.

    Up until now, I was never charged for call forwarding.

    But on my most recent bill see Sprint charged 10 cents per minute for all the forwarded calls - which added up to almost $30.

    As far as I know, I never received any formal notification from Sprint that they would begin charging this fee.

    Is this something new? Did I miss something? Or did I just luck out all those months?
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    you lucked out...this has been the case since at least Dec '03
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    Sprint has charged $0.10 secs/min for call forwarding since I have been with them since 1998.

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    Yeah, I'm not sure how you pulled that off, because I'm pretty sure that .10/min charge has been there for years...
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    yep you just got lucky. its been that way since i have been with them, almost 2 years now.
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    Yup. I've been with them since they started service in '98, call forwarding has always been $.10/min. Count your blessings, you actually ended up on the good end of a billing error.
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    sheesh - I didn't know call forwarding was so expensive???

    don't they have a plan that reduces that amount?
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    Why do they charge if u are forwarding to another sprint phone?

    I would add an additional line so I dont have to carry the 650 when a small flip would be great for the weekends, or on the boat...

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    I agree its crazy that you cant forward from one sprint to another for free

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