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    RECENT buyers of the t650 what was the best deal you got from Sprint?

    One thread awhile back said they got $150 off and 20% off business discount (without having to give a deposit) plus he gave them a $50 grand opening coupon from the web which they honored. Anybody get this deal or better recently? That would make the price around $279

    I am seeing some people saying $100 off in Handango software coupons are being honored. That would reduced the price to $!79 if i could get the above deal.

    Has anybody gotten Vision for $10 like some have gotten in the past?

    Do you think that you could negotiate more via phone in vs in store.

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    The $100 Handango coupon doesn't come off the price of the 650, so it wouldn't be $79.

    Sprint has me as a business customer (when I set up my account when it was Sprint Spectrum they did that for some reason) but unless I gave them a Tax ID number, I'd only get the $150. I did get buy 1 accessory save $5, buy 2 save $15 and buy 3 save $20.

    My partner's 650 got the extra store grand opening $50, but it was credited to our account, not taken off the phone price. We had to get a new phone number for that line so it would qualify as a new line. So we paid the $449. I would have gone thru WireFly or Amazon...but I didn't feel like waiting 6 months to get the extra $100 rebate.

    I do like that the Professional Vision was only an extra $5 for me since we're on the family fair & flexible share plan.
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    I just purchased the Treo 650 this past week and couldn't get the 20% off business discount without a tax ID, as Shortbus mentioned.

    As for the $10 Vision, you get it free for the first two months. If you'd like to try to get it for $10, you'll have to call back and ask for it. Based on what a CSR told me, "it's based on lottery" at the time of calling...whatever that means.

    Basically, what it comes down to is either $100 off for a one year contract or $150 off for a two year contract. I couldn't figure out any other way to get it for a cheaper price. Hope this helps.

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