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    I just got back from the PETE & C conference at Hershey PA and Palm One had a booth there. I asked the women there if she knew when Verizon would be bringing out the 650 and she told me possibly by June. True? Who knows. Just thought id pass the info along.
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    There was a link posted to PalmOne's site where it said the 650 was coming to VZW sometime in the first half of 2005.
    It will come someday, VZW knows the 600 is inferior to the 650 and will offer it eventually.
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    Yeah, eventually. They took almost a year to release the 600, so expect some more of the same for the 650.

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    the 600 and 650 are different, but I'm not sure I'd classify the 600 as inferior.

    It has more usable memory.
    It doesn't have the call quality issues as reported on the 650.

    Sure, it doesn't have the higher resolution screen or bluetooth, but it does have advantages over the 650.
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    I'm just hoping that time around there isn't "more" of a delay. From the corraborating stories it seems evident that Verizon wasn't happy with the test results of the Treo 650. There's more tension, it appears, with the *eventual* release of their Treo 650. More drama seems to be surrounding the release than last year, when Verizon announced a couple of months prior the release of the 600.

    Lets hope it's speedy.
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    I tend to believe the rumors that Verizon wants their version to be EV-DO capable, and that if they can't make it happen, they'll just forego the model entirely.
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    I went to my Verizon Store today and talked to the sales rep about the Treo 650. He said they just finished training on it and he thinks it will be about a month until it will come out.

    I am very sick of waiting for this thing Though.
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    Will Verizon offer a cheaper data plan for T650? Unless you're a corporate user I can't see paying $45 a month for web access.
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    I spoke to a customer rep about a billing question. She told me everyone has been asking about the Treo 650, so I assume the are getting lots of calls (the more the better...hahaha!)
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    Ya think all the bugs (memory, sound and DUN patches) in the T650 will be solved by then? If not, I would start to worry about the next version of the Treo that will come after this...
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    I am hoping that it is taking so long because they are insisting on corrections for these problems... (one can hope anyway can't we?)
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    Hmmm, I wish. Verizon has a history of crippling features and having buggy data related issues. I purchased my Treo 600 last July and there were some serious Intellisync issues Verizon had that were completely draining the battery on my phone.

    If anything, it seems that Verizon takes time to test the software for their own good (to limit hacking, disable and cripple features, etc.) rather than the customer's good. One can argue that's ultimately good for the customer; however, I like my Treo a little more *open* for creativity

    Quote Originally Posted by calvin767
    I am hoping that it is taking so long because they are insisting on corrections for these problems... (one can hope anyway can't we?)
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    I read on another site(Treonauts I think) that a user was told by his local rep that the rep had just attended a sales meeting where Verizon announced it has decided not to do the 650 at all. Any other inputs? I'm desparately waiting for VZW/650 for the coverage and EDVO. but I'm about to go with Cingular - unless one of you can talk me off the ledge!!!!!
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    Scratch a portion of my last post. Just realized 650 won't support EDVO. Oh well.

    What is average T650 battery life comparison between CDMA and GPRS ? I have a Treo 180 on TMo and it's battery life is aweful. Granted it's going on 3 years old.
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    Who knows if it does any good...but I figured it cant hurt.

    Here is a petition to encourage to Verizon to carry the 650 soon.
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    It's coming, has to be, VZW knows it'll lose biz customers to Sprint and Cingular if it doesn't offer it. Figure they're getting the bugs out that have come with the other providers.
    Now, if they don't have it by late summer (6 months), then I'm off to Cingular.
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    we havent heard of any new treos coming down the line so history tells me its not time for VZW to release the 650 yet.
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    I recently saw a press release about verizon having an exclusive to carry a new smart phone (Pocket PC based with a slide out keyboard) for some substantial period with a feature set almost identical to the Treo's.....Gotta wonder, with such an exclusive, if they won;t be promoting it as a Treo alternative.
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    i didnt know there was a treo alternative
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    Verizon does have a pretty slick Audiovox PocketPC handheld with the slide out keyboard, bigger than a Treo and not as well integrated, but has WiFi and Bluetooth (or Verizons version anyways ). Its not exclusive though, Sprint has it too coming out and so does Cingular (marketed as by Siemens but its identical to the case). Its not a Treo competitor, its larger, significantly more expensive and just different.
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