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    Ok, everyone. I have fallen in love with this phone. Its potential is enormous. Sadly, i believe i got the worst treo ever produced. My phone resets all the time and i am averaging a hard reset a day. Factor in the poor call quality and soft "p" and i am not a happy camper. Since I bought my phone thru, and I'm still on my trial period (Day 9 today) can I get a replacement at a near sprint store??? I really hate the hassle of online returns and should have thought about that when i bought it. Has anyone been able to get an exchange thru sprint that didnt buy theirs from sprint? I just want to walk into the store, explain my situation (I really want to get a functioning unit) and walk out with a working phone. Is it possible???

    Thank you in advance...
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    Wouldn't it easier to go, or call, to your local Sprint store and ask?

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