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    I am in NY. Since about 1 month, I have been having problems with my Treo 600. On sporadic occasions all of a sudden after trying to make a call the call drops and I get a message in the top left.."No Service". This is while I have a strong signal, 5 bars. It happens at various places and is not a service issue since I can use another verizon phone in the same place at the same time, (I tested it).
    During these episodes the green arrow on the top left turns red. When calls are made to my phone they sometimes go right to voicemail at other times I can see the call coming in but cannot answer it, the buttons on the screen do not work. I try to make calls and they may or may not ring, if it rings, it will be for one ring then a click then the No Service message. This happens for a good 5 minutes before I have to turn it off and on again after 10 minutes and cross my fingers.
    Verizon has replaced me twice with a refurbished phone that did the same thing twice. I'm suspecting that others are sending in phones with similar problems and verizon simply sends them back out without any refurb at all.

    Guys....I am not crazy. I know what I am seeing. Verizon swears that they have never heard of this. So tell me, have I been sent one of your phones that one of you turned in?
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    I have the exact same problem with my sprint 600! It happens to me when a)I am in a store. When I step outside, I can make/receive calls. or b) when the battery gets down around 25%. It may be a combination of the two. I didn't get a chance to search the forum for this issue before I saw your post. Keep me informed if you can narrow down when it happens to you.
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    gotcha, update.....before I get killed on here....
    I did a soft reset and hard reset on every handset that I was sent. I did everything that was asked of me. I just want the unit to do what I paid for it to do.
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    Another update,
    At times during all of these problems the V in verizon disappears temporarily then re-appears.
    Strange problem but a good product when it really works. Right now I am using my backup Cingular and once in a while pilfer my son's Verizon (a regular damn phone) That works!
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    I saw the exact same thing with my sprint phone. The S disappeared. I only saw this once (and I missed calls, watched it keep trying to connect to pcs vision 6 or 7 times). I am guessing my issues are battery related. When I charge it up or put it on the car charger and problems with sprint vision disconnecting.

    I know this has been talked about before, I am going to search through the different threads.

    BTW-I love my 600. I want mine to work as well.
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    Check out this thread:

    It sounds like this has been covered in depth and I will have to make a call to Sprint tomorrow for a replacement.
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    I'm having the same problem on Verizon with my treo 600. Been about 2 weeks now. Contantly getting dropped calls. NO service with several bars, etc.... Its driving me nuts.
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    Had the same problem with my SprintPCS Treo600 about a month ago. Scheduled a tech visit at a PCS store, they did a 5-minute diagnostic and replaced my phone on the spot (make sure you back up your data before they hard-reset your deffective phone so you can restore it on your new unit). It is a known issue as the discussion thread points out. Sprint will simply replace your phone with another T600 (refurbished most likely). If you've had your phone replaced several times already and are nearing the end of your contract, perhaps you can successfully negotiate for a T650 as the replacement. Good luck.
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    Had the same issue with my Verizon Treo. Called Tech support and they said it was a known issue. Overnighted me a replacement and it was all good.
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