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    As I wait for my Treo 650 from, I got to wondering what kind of plans people were getting from Sprint. Here's what I have:

    2500 Shared Anytime Minutes (Between 2 Phones)
    UNL PCS to PCS Minutes
    UNL Nights beginning at 8 PM
    UNL Weekend Minutes
    Vision Pro Pack (for Primary Line)

    $77/month with my corporate discount. I just got this recently after many painful interactions with Sprint Customer Service. Is there something better out there?
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    Damn man, I called about their retention plans and they kept trying to push me to their fair and flexible.

    2000 minutes Anytime (between 2 phones)
    Vision Pro (Primary Line)
    UNL Night and Weekends starting at 9


    I'm getting ripped compared to you. The cheapest plan they told me was 800/month $80 free pcs to pcs and that's it. No vision, no text messaging. So by the time I added vision and text messaging I would be paying more than I do now. I'm pissed.
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    I just saw another thread with the same topic as the one I posted. It sounds like there are a few folks out there with awesome plans. I've been with sprint for over 5 years, so Retention finally gave me a decent offer, after much complaint. I'm okay with my plan, even though they originally told me I'd have vision free for both phones. I finally got fed up with the Customer Service/Retention guys (they're the same now.) Sprint has good prices. . . the trade off is lackluster service.

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