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    After realizing that Blazer is quicker than expected I spent some significant browsing time. It occurred to me than "unlimited data" might not mean "unlimited minutes" connected to the internet. Two stupid questions:

    1) Is unlimited data truely unlimited or does your time connected (or perhaps just the time actually pulling or pushing data) count against minutes in the voice plan?

    2) There is no easy disconnect to close Blazer, and I've gotten in the habit of turning off the phone to make sure I'm disconnected (others have said there is no reason to disconnect with an unlimited plan). How does it work, exactly - are you only actually "connected" when you are actively sending or receiving data, or are you connected whenever Blazer remains open? Does turning off the phone disconnect the internet connection?
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    No, voice minutes and data minutes are different. Unlimited Vision is just that unlimited. Anythimg using vision is part of your unlimited plan, no per megabyte charge, no text charges. Minutes are for voice calls only.

    You can always hang up from preferences/network/disconnect.

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