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    I just baught the Treo 600 and I didnt buy a dataplan becuase I didnt think I would use it for 14 bucks a month and to me it was kinda a waste.

    As I started to install software and realized I needed a Instant Messaging and Email application, I began to need the internet plus it has alot of cool features it adds to applications I have.

    Anyways, what I was wondering was how does Verizon bill internet usage when I dont have a plan and also when I have a plan.

    For example, without a data plan, when I connect to the internet to use AIM or another program, do I get billed minutes and by data transfer?

    What about with a data plan?

    Also, how does the dormant connection and data transfer connections.

    Also, people who have the 5MB plan, what applications do you use and does it last or does 5MB go quick?
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    I have a Treo 600 and Verizon without a data plan and when I connect to the internet, it uses my Voice minutes. Of course, if you go over your plan minutes, then you get the per minute additional charges. Also, keep in mind that most plans have unlimited nights and weekends, so you can surf for free during these times.

    Make sure that you Dis-Connect the Web browers after each session, otherwise the connection remains open and will use your minutes.
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    I just got a T600 with verizon and no data and initially, my phone wouldn't connect at all to verizon's data network. Miraculously, one day it did connect and I just ensure that I disconnect in "prefs" after I'm done.
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    So connecting to the web and using email and all that fun stuff only uses plan minutes?

    I can transfer as much data as I want and I wont get billed for data?

    Also, does adding a data plan then change the billing from using plan minutes to using data?
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    Recent threads on (Verizon forum) have said that people without data plans (mainly those with Treos) have started to get charged by the kilobyte.

    If you can get it activated without a data plan, frequently check your online account to see if your minutes are drastically higher, or you see a section for data usage.
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    I am planning on getting a Verizon aircard and the unlimited data plan (79.99).

    For when I am not with laptop I would like data access via a (to be purchased) Treo 600.

    VZ CS says I have to pay the $79.99 for unlimited data on the card plus $44.95 for the Treo data plan. Yikes!

    Has anyone heard anything different, or can you suggest a workaround? I need the speed of EVDO for the laptop; I spend a lot of time traveling and do not want to have to fall back to the speeds I would get using the 600 as a modem for my laptop via PDAnet.

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