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    Here's an interesting mishap with Sprint's SMS.

    I usually have my phone off at night, switch it back on around 7:30am EST in the morning. If someone sent me an SMS ( from Europe during the night, it does not immediately get forwarded to my phone after I switch it on.

    Suppose they sent an SMS at 9:15am their time, 3:15am EST.... then I will receive that SMS at 9:15am EST exactly, with a time stamp of 3:15am!!!! Funny. Almost oddly considerate of Sprint..."If they sent it at 9am, they must have wanted it to arrive at 9am, darnit!"

    Uhm..thanks...but no...I'd like to receive that SMS at 7:30am right after I switch on my phone tendjoeberrymud!
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    wow, that's weird. Does the same thing happen when you send an sms internationally? I would assume it wouldn't...
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    Hmmm...don't know actually. The international networks that I would send an SMS to are not on Sprint's list of connected networks. In fact, according to Sprint's Help info on international text messaging, the ONLY supported network in Europe is T-Mobile in the UK. Pathetic.
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    Only a guess, but it's possible that Sprint has their SMS relay queues set so that if a phone isn't available the message sits in the queue and the queue only flushes at certain intervals.

    This would keep the traffic down so that the server wouldn't keep asking "Is the phone there? Is the phone there?" all the time.
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