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    Drdoom, if you want to quote me, use the quote button. I used my girlfriend's work number to test the system with a known non-Sprint number when this thread started yesterday. I could have put any variety of numbers in after that if I wanted to, as long as it was ten digits...think about it. Just because I said you can do it, does not mean they shut it down because of me or those that have multiple phone lines with sprint, like me. Read the whole post before you start acting like a crybaby. We all knew this was not going to last. When has Sprint ever given you something for free? Have you screamed at all the cingular people who have been taking advantage of it? You probably are a cingular customer and missed the boat. Don't be bitter because you were not quick enough to get your hundred bucks. Well, with that said, you can go clean your nose now while I use bejeweled 2 to entertain myself. Just out of curiosity, how many of use would return 100 dollars if we found it on the street? We all know what the right thing is and what is legal...take it to the police. But how many of us, with an anonymous hundred dollar bill would do so? Plus, would you limit yourself to the 87 active titles available on Sprint, or would you scam the Handango site for what you really wanted. Come on. Be realistic. I abhor anyone who abused, but you cannot directly blame a Sprint website screwup on them.

    P.S. If you actualy read any of my posts, you would see that I offered my extra ill-gotten certificate to the gentlemen who put in his number to discover someone had already put it in. So please, remember the first rule of the message boards: READ ON.
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    If it had somebody's name on it (ie Sprint or Handango) most of us would return it.
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    Honestly, I don't know why I am arguing on the side of those that abused it,...with that said, how many hundreds have your name on it unless your name is Benjamin Franklin? So will it be wrong of me to give the extra certificate to the gentleman that didn't get his? Or should I surrender it to Sprint or Handango's corporate offices, which I am sure are to do right by the guy that lost his certificate.
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    By the way, for those that can't access the site to use their gift certificate, here is an active link to the software
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    yes but the code does not wotk there!
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    Sorry, I didn't know, I don't have any codes to test it.
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    Just called Sprint re the unavailable site address. Although they tried to access it they were no real help and told me to contact the site administrator.

    Update: Lol, I feel like I'm stalking the site. Anyhoo, just checked and got this new message:

    Thank you for visiting Handango!
    We appreciate your patience as we
    update our site. Handango will be
    available momentarily, please check
    back soon.
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    The regular site is down too...guess they're shoring up the loophole. Oh well, it was fun while it lasted.

    Correction, it's back now.
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    I just tried my code at the site. It now says "The promotion code 'XXXXXXX' has expired". I'm pretty sure I had some $$ left on it....and still waiting on one reg. code for one of the products I bought. Guess it's been fixed.
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    which site did you go to?
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    Sprint's Handango site
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    Same expired and I just got it this morning... Hopefully Sprint will honor those of us who really do have Treo 650's.
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    I am bummed. My code is no longer working. They will probably fix the multiple basket glich also. All well.......

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    It is annoying when people that are STEALING the software (IE using other cellphone numbers or glitches in website) and then come on here and *itch about it. Those people are the reason why it does not work anymore.
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    I would disagree with that. Many of those that have complained were those that did not have the opportunity to even use one gift certificate.
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    Quote Originally Posted by nicegoogly
    I would disagree with that. Many of those that have complained were those that did not have the opportunity to even use one gift certificate.
    Well to those who DID NOT move FAAAAAAAAAAAAAAST enough, we have a syaing where I come from " YOU SLOW, YOU BLOW!" Now let me go and enjoy my 400.00 bucks worth of FREE SPRINT/HANDIGO software
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    i have $800 of usless codes. Im pissed! I will b*tch untill i get it trust you me. I dont care if its a glitch or not. I was givin a gift and they cant take it away. I own a 650 and 4 lines. I better get at least $400 in free programs.
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    You are joking right michael?
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    well considering i have 4 phones. I should get $400. I will be pissed if i dont get it. I got these codes and they dont work.

    So no im not kidding. I didnt even use them. I also didnt use fake #s i used my own accounts. I didnt do anything illegal.
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    Maybe if you used them last night instead of abusing the system and bragging in several different posts how you have $800 in coupons [by racking up 4 extras with not your own accounts?] you wouldn't be screwed now.

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