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    I am a new Sprint customer, and got the summary letter explaining my plans. The letter shows that I have the Pictures pack, when I signed up for the Professional pack.

    So, I dial *2 and talk with the nice woman. She confirmed that I have the Pictures pack and said I can stay with that and get $5 credit to download ringtones and crap like that, or get the Professional pack for an additional two months free.

    She was AMAZED that I didn't have any interest in the downloads! Mentioned that I am using the default ringtone and that it was unique around where I hang out, and she remained amazed.

    What was even more cool for me was being offered Sprint long distance on my home phone; 99c for not using it versus the $6 a month for not using AT&T. I didn't mind the credit I got for switching. either!

    I don't know who some of you talk with when you call customer service, but she and I had a most pleasant time (cracked her up a couple of times) and I certainly came out ahead.


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    Brings to mind the G n' R lyric: "You're one in a million babe, yeah that's what you are..."
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    She probably is, but it's also true that many people rip the CSR for no reason. When they get a nice person, I bet a lot of them go out of their way to be nice.

    I had a guy at work helping me with a Notes server issue. He remarked how calm I was! I asked him if he caused my issue, and he said no. My question was, then why would I rip on you? Apparently a lot of people do.


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    Truthfully, most of the Sprint reps I've dealt with have been pleasant and able to address the reason I called.
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    I just had an excellent CSR experience last night going over my plan. The guy was quick, sharp, and friendly. TOTALLY down with the Treo 650 too. Nice.
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    at least you did'nt talk to Clair!

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