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    I can barely send any messages because everytime I try it just resets. I've done the hard resets and all that to no avail...

    Any ideas? I've updated my Treo to the latest software avail, too
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    What is the error message in the log? You have to type in #*#377 and Dial in the Phone to see the last error message.

    I suspect your SMS databases have become corrupt. I suggest you simply delete all the files using the Delete command in the Applications Launcher. This will remove all your SMS messages but may resolve the issue. The file to delete is called SMS Messages. Sometimes other files not exposed to the Launcher are also corrupt and can be removed by using the Filez (freebie file manager from
    SMS Quicklist (the drop down list of recently used numbers)
    SMS Msg Database (the database linking the chat threads to phone numbers).
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    The error was while running contacts.

    Line:3760,Invalid Chunk ptr
    I've done resets and all that kind of stuff but it hasn't done a thing.
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    You've got version 1.2 firmware, correct?
    Have you been able to successfully send/receive SMS's in the past, or has this always happened?
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    It's a known issue, I'm surprised not more people have run into this issue. This happens all the time. It's ridiculous how long it's been and there still is no fix. This is really holding me back from getting a 650. You spend $600 on a phone, the least they could do is fix the applications people use on a regular basis.,kb=PalmSupportKB,CASE=obj(12728),ts=Palm_External2001

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