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    I've been with sprint for about 5 years, so I thought I'd seen everything in terms of horrible customer service from them. But my latest encounter takes the cake. The details would be boring as there were so many twists and turns, but suffice it to say that this tale involves Sprint reps making promises about phone discounts that the company later reneged upon. In the end, this nightmare cost me $175 and about four hours of my time.

    Fortuantely, I got the names nad ID numbers of every rep I spoke with. I'm composing a letter but I have no idea who at the company to send it to. How do I avoid my letter going into a black hole? What's the best way to get justice?
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    try looking at the sprint website for customer service. usually these things do go to a black hole. also try pushing up the chain of command on the phone, even if you have to ask for the managers boss. you have to be nice but firm to these people to convey your message.
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    In the past I had a complaint with AT&T. They made promises, which they reneged on. I filed a complaint with the FCC ( and got all of my money back. It is useful as a last resort.
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    Verbal promises by any rep, Sprint or not, are worthless. Get it in writing if you want them to honor it. I've learned that the hard way. Well, not really. I dumped Sprint
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    Sometime email support can be quite helpful. Unlike regular mail or even fax, it is fast and unlike verbal support, everything is in writing. So it is helpful bothway.

    I had an experience with Verizon recently solved this way. I had a verizon contract from 10/03 in NY for 1 year. I moved in 08/04 to TN. I decided to change my tel number to local area code. It was told to me many times that it'll not effect my contract since I am just changing the phone number and have not taken any new phones.

    This month I decided to go to Cingular with Treo 650. Before cancelling my account with Verizon, I just wanted to confirm everything is OK. To my utter surprise, I was told that my contract expires in 08/06 ( 2 years from my tel number change) rather than 10/04. The CSR was of no help also One verizon region (in TN) has very poor access to other Verizon region (in NY). They wwere not even acknowledging that I have service earlier in NY.

    After wasting time with few CSR on phone, I decided to get email support. After the first response, I scanned and attached copies of my contract and to me pleasanrt surprise, everything was staightened out in 3 email within 3-4 hours.
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    Turns out Sprint limits you to 1200 characters. The letter I composed has way to many twists and turns to fit those constraints. If anyone cares to read the hoary details, they are below


    On 2/8/05 I called Sprint to cancel my contract. I spoke with Brenda in the cancellation department (her ID was BSYKES01). She offered me a discounted service package, and half price on any phone at the Sprint Store. To ensure there was no confusion, I confirmed the offer with her twice, then accepted it.

    On 2/10, I went to the Sprint store in Culver City, CA to purchase my phone, a Treo 650. The clerk told me that the phone discount did not appear in my records. I then spoke with the manager, Numan Mejia, who confirmed this. I asked him to call the cancellation department to confirm Brenda’s offer. He refused, saying that stores weren’t allowed to call customer service. I became very upset and left the store.

    Approximately 30 minutes later, I called Sprint customer service. The agent said my account showed I was entitled to half of a $150 rebate, not half off any phone. I explained the offer Brenda had made. The agent insisted that I had been made the rebate offer, and that it was impossible for Brenda, or anyone at Sprint to offer half price on a phone. I explained that it wouldn’t have made any sense for me to accept a $75 rebate because I would have been entitled to a $150 rebate in two months. I asked the agent to call Brenda. He claimed there was no way to contact her. He then offered me the full $150 rebate. I decided to accept his offer because I was tired of fighting Sprint and had other things to attend to in my life. But a moment later, it occurred to me that I might be losing quite a bit of money by giving up so easily, so I asked to speak with a supervisor.

    I had pretty much the same conversation with the supervisor (his ID was Klynch07). Halfway through, it occurred to me that the $150 rebate might be the equivalent of the original offer if the price of the phone were low enough. I asked Klynch07 how much the Treo 650 would cost me at the Sprint store. He said $349 with my new two year agreement. That would have made the purchase price $199, which would have been only $24 more than I would have paid with the half-price offer.

    I decided to accept the $150 rebate after all. But I was in for a surprise. Klynch07 told me that he couldn’t honor the $150 rebate. “Why,” I asked. ”Because you already declined it,” he said. I explained that I hadn’t been informed of this when I asked to speak with him. And why should that matter? I had misunderstood the pricing of the phone. Now I understood - thanks to Klynch07 – that the $150 rebate wasn’t such a bad deal. But Klynch07 insisted that I wasn’t entitled to the $150 rebate because I had turned it down already. I was getting frustrated, but I really wanted the whole episode to end, so I asked Klynch07 if he had the authority to reinstate the $150 rebate. He said that he did. I then mustered every last drop of positive energy I had left and asked him very nicely if he would please reinstate the rebate. He agreed.

    On 2/11, before picking up my phone at the Sprint Store I called customer service to confirm that the $150 rebate appeared in my account records. I spoke with Wanda 3028. She told me there was no record of it. I explained what had happened with Klynch07 and, after a bit of tinkering, she said the problem was fixed. I was about to head over to the store when I decided I should call one last time just to make sure I’d get the rebate. I spoke with Employee 376191. She told me there was no record of the rebate. I repeated the Klynch07 story. After a bit of tinkering, she told me the rebate was in my account records. I called back one more time to make sure. Yes it was there, Shea Sherman (SVS4447) told me.

    Back at the Sprint Store again I ordered the phone and the clerk rang up my order. The price was $599, not $349. I asked the clerk why I wasn’t getting the $349 price Klynch07 had quoted. I was told that the discount probably included my $150 rebate. This didn’t make any sense since $599 minus $150 is $449, not $349. But by this time I knew the futility of trying to play referee between the store and customer service employees, and I’d wasted enough time already, so I bit down hard on my anger and paid the $599.

    Funny thing is, I’m still angry. I wasted at least three hours of my time. And this apparent bait and switch cost me $175; that’s the difference between what Brenda offered on 2/8, and the price I paid for the phone on 2/9.

    I’ve been a Sprint customer for over five years, but unless I’m compensated in some meaningful way, its hard to imagine I’ll renew my contract again after this one expires.
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    I would be angry as well if I was promised $349 and had to pay $599. I would not have paid it. But you did, and now you're at Sprint's mercy, unlesssomeone from management with common sense answers your letter. Let's hope so for your sake.

    I paid $479 for a $630 pocket PC phone (150 discount) from Sprint, and I was only with them less than 3 weeks, not 5 years. Then within 2 weeks I got another phone with $180 discount as a second line phone.

    I still dumped Sprint for their lousy tech support. But when I went to Cingular I found things aren't any better there.
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    What's worse is I bet you agreed to a 2 year contract with them to get that $150
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    I spent three days on the phone to get them to bring down the price of the phone. I bought a Treo 600 back in August for 650 dollars and they were supposed to give me a rebate. I bought the Treo 650 for 650 after taxes and they saud they would give me the rebate now. Now understanding that I have paid full price for all of their top of the line phones for the last five years. I had the Motorola Timeport, Sanyo 6000, I 300, I 330, I500, Treo 600 and Treo 650. They thought they renewed my contract back in august for two years but they forgot, so they sent me to customer retention who were totally useless. They got their money from me and didn't care. I will gladly jump on to complain. The only reason I have stayed with Sprint is because their plans are good and there service is great, at least where I am. There customer support is so stupid it can work in your favor sometimes.
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    Here's a quick update on my complaint to Sprint - I got a call from some sort of fixer guy at Sprint. He was very apologetic and asked me what it would take to make things right. I told him I wanted the difference between what I was told the T650 would cost and what I actually paid ($175). He said he would be glad to remove that amount from my bill.

    Not a bad ending. I encourage everyone who feels ripped off by Sprint to take a similar course of action.
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    That's awesome, congrats. Where did you end up sending your letter to get this sort of response?
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    Good to hear it all worked out for you. Although the cost of your time goes uncompensated in situations like this...

    Problems like yours are one of the reasons why I refuse to commit to any long term contract. I'm OK with paying the extra money for devices, to maintain full freedom to cut Sprint when ready.

    I've been a Sprint customer for well over 5 years now. Less than 10 though . And I've learned you can't trust anything not in writing from them. And yea, even the writing can change without notice . So all you can rely on is what is writen that given day that you lock in your deal. And hopefully that deal involves you getting everything up front, cause if some part is due later who knows what might happen .

    I think its great that you got the name/ID of each person you spoke to. If needed that may have come in handy. I don't think everyone at Sprint is an *****, but having the names might help a knowledgable manger weed out the idiots . Or help some enforcement body (FCC, FTC, etc.) track things down if you had no other option.

    All these wireless companies today have terrible customer service. And I'm sure for them what goes around will come back around one day.

    When you are not on contract with them if they tick you off enough you can say "I'm ending my service with you" and suddenly they want to give you more. And that customer retention rep becomes the gift fairy .

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