So I just got my Treo 650 on Sprint yesterday.

First off, wowowow. This is the device I have been waiting for since the late 1990's when the Nokia Communicator fell short. I'm doing IMAP, SSH, IM, its just incredible.

So, last night the battery ran down so I plugged it in and it comes right up. Like any good unlimited internet user I have ChatterMail and my IM client set to load on boot. Then it starts soft resetting within 30 seconds after fully booting and loading the phone.

Disabling the network (bluetooth and internet) made the reboot stop. Now that its charged there is no more reboot.

So, to me it seems like the device can not really gracefully handle low power situations when the network connection is requested so it crashes.

Not a big issue, I'll just watch my battery consumption.

Is this common knowledge or has anyone else seen this behavior on their Treo 650?