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    I need help from anybody that could give me some advice on my problem. Knowing that the Treo 650 was not going to be available on Verizon for a while, I went to my Verizon store in Modesto, CA last year around October or November 2004 to know when I could stop my service without any cancellation fees. Initially I was told that it would be on November 2005, but according to the notes on my account there was a correction error that happened when I moved from New York to California and Verizon made me start a new contract. I remember on that month I had to pay two bills which added up to $120. As a result, my contract was changed to end on January 31 2005 due to the fact that EZ moved was not use on my account. Knowing that, I asked the representative 3 times to double check to see if she was 100% right. And Carol took her time and said that on the notes it clearly says that I can end my contract on January 31st 2005 without any penalty. I asked for a copy of the notes, but she said that it was there and that the notes would overwrite what the system dates showed. I left the store quite happy and figured that in 3 months or so I could change to another carrier. But that I was not 100% convinced. So I called Verizon customer service and asked them the same questions and when they looked down the notes they found that in fact my contract should end on January 31st 2005 with no penalty.
    It was early January 2005 and I wanted to make sure that I was not going to get penalized for ending my contract so I called one more time and I was told the same thing.
    I started looking for better deals and phones and I decided to go with Sprint and bought the Treo 650. I had it for a week with a temporary number, and then on January 31st 2005 I decided to port my Verizon number to my Sprint cell phone. I was really happy until February 9th 2005 when I received a bill from Verizon saying that I have to pay $206.66 for doing an early cancellation. I did not panic because I knew it was a mistake and that it would be easily fixed calling them and explaining the situation. On that day, a very nice lady told me that there was no problem and that in the notes it clearly stated that my end date was January 31st 2005, but she had to send a credit request to a supervisor so that it gets approved. She said that there should not be any problems because that is what it says on the notes. However, today January 10th 2005 I have received a called from Verizon saying that I was not getting my credit because on December 2003 I signed a contract for 2 years and that I was my contract should end on December 2005. I explained them the situation, but they say that they apologized that I was misinformed by the Verizon representatives for telling me that my contract would end on January 31st 2005. I told the supervisor that it says on the notes that and every time I called I was told that the notes would overwrite what the system says, but I was told that it was wrong and that they apologize for that. I asked to be honor for their mistake and not be charged a cancellation fee and the supervisor told me that their words or notes on my account are meaningless and that a Verizon representative could say or write on my account notes whatever they want, but it would not change anything. I was in shocked and asked him if a Verizon representative could tell me lies about my account and get away with it. Even to a point where I get penalized $200 for giving me wrong information. And he said that it was right, they could say anything they want, but it would be only valid if I get a written letter. I felt really disappointed about all this and told them that it was not the right way to do business and hang up the phone.
    After that I went to the Modesto, California Verizon store where I was initially told about January 31st been my end of contract. I was lucky to find the same lady I spoke on October?/November? of 2004. Initially Carol denied everything and told me in front of me, my wife and my son that she did not say that and it was probably somebody else. She looked at my account and started yelling at me telling me that changed my plan after I talked to her and that would make my account start another contract and if she said that my account ended in January 31st 2005 it would be right if I had not changed my plan. I told her that I never changed my plan and that she was wrong and I could show her all my bills. She started to scream and told me to leave the store and that she was going to call security and started going from one place to another until a manager came. David listened to me and looked at my account for minutes. Then, he apologized that she has given me the wrong information and that he would talk to her and take some action. But there was nothing he could do with my account because my contract ends in November 2005. I told him that I was paying for a mistake that one of her employees made and that it was not fair. He said there was nothing he could do about that.
    Now, I feel cheated, disappointed and mad about all this mess that Verizon has caused. I really feel that I need to do something about it. And I need your advice, please help.

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    I would call CS and politely insist on talking to someone who is going to take care of this situation. If they tell you no, ask to talk to their supervisor until you reach someone who has the ability to reverse it.

    Id write to someone really high up the food chain. Hopefully someone reading this board can give you a number.

    Be polite but firm. Don't settle. Good luck.
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    That is one thing Verizon is notorious for is the inconsistent responses and policies from one customer rep to another. Definitely try another rep and worst comes to worst, bring in the all the info you can on the rep you spoke to initially and bring it to one of the higher ups. Keep calling until you get someone that will do something for you. Good luck.
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    do you have a "3 on your side" part of the news? i doubt verizon will want bad publicity
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    Quote Originally Posted by pump142
    do you have a "3 on your side" part of the news? i doubt verizon will want bad publicity
    I'm sorry what do you mean my "3 on your side" ?
    It looks like everytime I call and speak with a manager they keep adding more notes to my account and now they are telling me that I spoke with 5 managers already and they are saying "NO" to my credit approval. I think I need to get a number or e-mail address from somebody up in the food chain like t2gungho said. Please help.

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    Quote Originally Posted by pump142
    do you have a "3 on your side" part of the news? i doubt verizon will want bad publicity
    What he meant was to get TV publicity in if it gets from scratches to cuts. Most large companies bow down to their own draconian policies once more people see it. Verizon is the 400 lb gorilla that will back down to no one but you all know the story of David and Goliath...
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    I have followed some advice from a few friends and you guys. I've filed a report with the BBB and the California Department of customer affairs. Also, I've sent e-mails to our local newspaper Modesto BEE and our regional TV news KCRA. I'm hoping any of them would help me solve my problem.

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    Go to the FCC sites for california and the federal goverment and file an online complaint. I had some issues with ATT and reported them. Both the goverment and ATT responded at that point and ATT finally fixed the problem (although they weren't happy about it) I hadn't had any luck with their supervisors until I filed a formal complaint.
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    Sometime email support can be quite helpful. Unlike regular mail or even fax, it is fast and unlike verbal support, everything is in writing. So it is helpful bothway.

    I had an experience with Verizon recently solved this way. I had a verizon contract from 10/03 in NY for 1 year. I moved in 08/04 to TN. I decided to change my tel number to local area code. It was told to me many times that it'll not effect my contract since I am just changing the phone number and have not taken any new phones.

    This month I decided to go to Cingular with Treo 650. Before cancelling my account with Verizon, I just wanted to confirm everything is OK. To my utter surprise, I was told that my contract expires in 08/06 ( 2 years from my tel number change) rather than 10/04. The CSR was of no help also One verizon region (in TN) has very poor access to other Verizon region (in NY). They wwere not even acknowledging that I have service earlier in NY.

    After wasting time with few CSR on phone, I decided to get email support. After the first response, I scanned and attached copies of my contract and to me pleasanrt surprise, everything was staightened out in 3 email within 3-4 hours.
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    I have contacted the BBB and Today I received a cortesy called from Verizon saying that the have received a letter from the BBB and that they will be sending a reply in the next 15 days.

    Now, I don't know what to do about the payment. According to my bill it says "Pay immidiatelly," but according to my online bill sent to my bank it says due date: "February 26th." But now that the BBB has contacted them, I don't know if I should wait for a resolution and a letter from the BBB. I don't want to be charged late fees or face collection which will be bad for my credit.

    I don't know if it is too late to see if I could get a phone number from sombody in upper management at Verizon. I wonder if the CEO could do something about ti.

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    Pay your bill. Contesting the bill will not keep Verizon from turning into collections.

    Also check out I've never used it, but others apparently have had good results from posting complaints there.
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    Another tactic you might want to try......

    If you do automatic bill pay on our Verizon account (e.g. credit card payment), you may want to contest it the charge.

    My $.02....
    I've been a Sprint customer since '99. While I've had billing errors, I've never had a problem getting something fixed right then and their over the phone.

    Fast forward to dec '05. I bought a business where the yutz who owned it had used a VZ cell phone for his yellow page ads. Well, since I can't change the ad, and the number can't be ported to a landline locally, I'm taking my lumps and transfer the account over to me. I asked for the bare minimum plan since I'm forwarding the number to my business line, and the cell phone has never even been turned on! Supposed to $40 / mo. 2 weeks later I get a $400 bill !!!!!

    Seems they don't know the difference between the 400 minute plan and a 4000 minute plan. Talking to customer service is th ultimate excercise in futility. Just about stroked out! Seems that VZ's antiquidated billing system can't handle changes between billing cycles. But, don't worry, just pay the $45 you owe and we'll correct it.

    Next month comes around with a late fee, because I didn't pay the $400! Again call CS, again they'll fix it, but then they say if I don't pay the existing bill I'll get another late fee.

    Can't talk sense into these people.....

    Oh well

    Moral - I take back all the bad things I used to think about sprint....
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    This might sound mean, But almost all Cell phone company have a policy that if you change you location, that your plan must start over. I recenlty moved from NY, to DC. When I got to DC, and change my cell phone number to a local one "keeping the same plan" My contract Restarted from the day my number was changed.

    The Same cell phone companys Operate Differently in Different location. which mean if you change states, you must cancel on plan, and start a new one.

    I had the option to choose a 2 year agreement "and still receive the benefit that came with it", or choose month to month and pay extra for things like free PHONE to PHONE calling, reduce family plan, etc..

    YOu get extra benefits when you are signed up from various year agreements. When your number change when you went to CA, did you keep all the extra features that came with having a yearly agreement.
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    I got a phone call from Verizon Wireless Today and I was told that they got a letter from the BBB and that they are sending me a check for all the fees that I was charged. Plus it looks like I over paid my account and I have a credit of $47, so they are sending me a check for that too. WOW, I guess it was worthed writing all these letters to everybody and getting help from the BBB. GOOD JOB BBB!!! I would recommend to anybody that has a problem like mine to write a letter to the BBB.

    I"M SO HAPPY I DON"T KNOW WHAT TO DO...!!! Well, I'm sending some money to my grandma who really needs some help.

    THANKS A LOT GUYS..!!!! Don't you love happy endings...!!

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    Nice Treolo. I'm glad you got through to them.

    Verizon's new slogan "We never stop _____________ for you." (Fill in the blank according to your experience with us).
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    Only took 20 days to resolve the issue. No bad, Al. Congrats.

    Now, port your Sprint number to Cingular, and let's see what happens
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    My story made it to my local newspaper

    This is so cool..


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