Ok, so I'm one of those lucky Treo 600 users engaging in unprotected mode - ie: no data plan, data out of voice minutes (MOU).


In a recent billing cycle I received a late-night MMS which activated my data connection and was not noticed or terminated by me until 9am the following morning. Obviously this is well into peak time and (b/c VZW is supposed to "span" different billing types) I entirely expected to find a massive jump in my peak minutes tim. In fact, #646 showed a massive jump in peak time usage a couple days later.

Yet here's the interesting part... when I received by bill for that cycle it clearly indicates that the data connection (initiated in off-peak hours) never registered as a peak-time call (even though it included 3 hours of peak-time usage). I even called CS about this to confirm it. Answer: b/c the call started off-peak it was billed at off-peak rates.

What's going on here?

If what I'm seeing in this situation is true, then any VZW data connection started in off-peak hours (so long as it's never disconnected) would appear be billed only at off-peak (unlimited) use rates - ie: free data.

  • What happens when you make a voice call or someone calls you?
  • Data connections can stay (in dormant mode) active throughout other calls, but would the end of a voice call made/received during that data connection then trigger a "new" data call entry in VZW's billing system? Or would the data call (b/c it never disconnected) remain in the off-peak rate?

Anyone else have any experience with this sort of thing?