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    Hello all:

    I just received my Sprint 650 that I intend on using on Verizon's network. I hope to do the conversion this weekend.

    Before I do that however, I want to be sure that I can put it back on Sprint's network later down the road. I may be switching to them once my current contract is up.

    From what I can read, it sounds like it is possible to do, but I want the experts here to confirm with me.

    1) I have read in other threads that the 600 could be put back on Sprint by installing a ROM update and putting the MSL back. Is the 650 that simple? I do not think there are any ROM updates yet, but is the original Sprint ROM the same thing or is this ROM just the PDA side?

    2) If no, then can the PST program back up the settings of the phone (and subsequently restore them)? If I remeber correctly, the tool I used for my Kyocera 6035 (I'm making a big jump from a 6035 to a 650) had an option to back up the settings. What about the things that *228 updates (not only the PRL, but the initial setup)? I'm hoping at least the Sprint PRL can at least be backed up?

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    I just recently converted a T650 back to Sprint for a return and it worked nicely and without a hitch. I didn't back up any info but I did write down all the Sprint settings before I switched. Just reverse the order of the conversion from the T650 conversion thread here in TC. I even did Shadowmite's Roms and converted it back to the default ones (instructions on shadowmite's website).

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