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    So I sign up for locline insurance during my Amazon order for the 650 at a quoted cost of $4/month. I thought the cost was $5/month, so I assume its a $1/mo. discount for going through Amazon. Today I provision my phone and the CSR starts talking about the $5/mo. insurance. I argue for the $4 (hey, a buck's a buck). Turns out there are two different insurance coverages - $4 gets you loss, damage and theft, and $5 gets you that plus mechanical or electrical failure and normal wear and tear, each plan having a $50 deductible (actually, couldn't tell if he said $50 or $15 deductible).

    Now I'm not one to look for ways to take advantage of Sprint, but normal wear and tear is just everyday use. Are they telling me at the end of two years I can get a replacement for $50 (the deductible)? Anyone know of limitations on the insurance?
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    You are pretty much right...a replacement phone after two years...IF YOUR PHONE STOPS WORKING. You can't just send them your phone because it is nicked up and ask for a replacement. If you do they will send your old phone back, keep your deductible, and charge you full price for the replacement (unless you send it back).

    But if your phone happened to fall in the toilet after two years....then you'd have a new phone for $50. By the way, the old price for the insurance is $4. The new price is $5...which is $3 for damage insurance and $2 for extended warranty. You can purchase just one of these without the other if you want, also.
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    I had a 300 replaced for a line across the screen (everything else worked fine). I was charged $10 as it was a warranty issue.

    Their T&C state a device failure, I called Lock/line and was told that ANY warranty issue is considered a failure. The phone doesn't have to be totally DOA.
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