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    Okay, I have an original Handspring T600 and (unlike many in here) haven't had any problems and so I probably don't qualify for a replacement unit as was mentioned in another thread about how to upgrade for free.

    What's the best way to upgrade to the 650 at the lowest cost if my T600 is still in good shape? Contract extension? Beg? Etc? I don't think the upgrade is worth full price, but I am willing to pay something - just want to make that payment as small as possible.


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    Drop it in the toliet ? Collect on water damage on your insurance ?
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    That won't work. Lockline will just replace it with another 600.

    The only option I'm aware of, assuming you've had your 600 for less than 18 months, is to buy a new 650 and sell your 600 on ebay. I don't think Sprint's going to offer you anything for you to upgrade unless you can threaten to go to another carrier. Even then, I'm not sure they'll really care.
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