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    Marc (Chatteremail) mentioned in one of his posts that he found out 'the internet portion can work while roaming', now I think I know that Vision roaming doesn't work (and actually I recall it doesn't when my phone roamed last time), but since Marc mentioned it, does anyone know how you can still get internet access while roaming?

    When I was a GSM user I had a CSD (dialup) connection configured and my GPRS connection would fail over to CSD (and use minutes instead of data), obviously much slower but usable.

    Does anyone know what is the alternative solution here (internet access while roaming with Sprint)?

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    I was going to ask the same question. Maybe if you call Sprint they might know. Actually my question was: Given that we can get Vision while roaming. Will Sprint charge roaming charges or it will be just part of the vision package?

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    i believe what happens is this. say you live in philly and travel to CAli. depending on which sprint service you have, you might get charged for VOICE calls. if you sign up for the 5 $ roaming, you get up to half your minutes on another network (verizon or such). however, you have to be in Sprint territory (where there is a sprint signal) to use Sprint's vision. if you are no within sprint's area but are roaming on verizon, from what i understand you cannot use vision since they don't share the 1xrtt data. so technically following this explanation, they cant charge you for vision when roaming since it would not be available. if you get charged for leaving your tri_state area or such and get charged out-of-region calls, that only goes to voice, not data calls. someone correct me if i am wrong
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    sledgie, this seems to make sense. I guess at least until Sprint will sign some roaming agreement with Verizon regarding 1xrtt this option (Vision while roaming) is not going to work.
    BTW, in the GSM world data can roam as well. I traveled to Europe and was able to use GPRS there as well as voice with no problems (rather than the absurd cost).

    Now to my other question. So we assume Vision roaming is out. How about dialup? (obviously using much slower speeds)...
    Cingular/AWS/TMo all offer (or offered) CSD which was a dial up connection (using minutes) when GPRS wasn't working. Anyone know if/how with Sprint?

    Or... I guess I can stop being lazy and just give customer care a quick call.
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    Like virtually all CDMA carriers, you can roam voice with Sprint but not data. Vision only works on Sprint's network. This is a huge short-fall, IMO, compared to GSM carriers on which you CAN roam data as well as voice.
    All CDMA carriers use the same technology (1xRTT) so there's no technical reason for data roaming to not exist. It's all politics.
    As far as Chatter goes, I believe Marc simply added some code to prevent Chatter from trying to connect/reconnect when you're roaming. Otherwise you'd just get a bunch of conection failure errors. (if you're a CDMA customer)
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    I just switched from the centro to the treo pro. I realized that data DID work with roaming on the centro but NOT on the treo pro. I cannot understand why, it's the same cdma to gsm connection isn't it?

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