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    I have found that SMS in my area is also erratic. Mostly on the sending part. I will sometimes have to send it as an email (,, etc) and it sometimes takes an hour to reach the destination. Moreover, it makes no sense that some Sprint, Cingular, Verizon, and TMobile contacts recieve my messages instantly and without the email suffix, while others on the same network need the suffix and recieve delayed SMS's! But another problem that I just ran into was the lack of MMS for Sprint. Correct me if I am wrong, but we dont have it and people who send pictures from MMS to our phone # or phone email ( will NOT go through! We need a standard! Or Sprint needs to catch up!
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    Had a few more examples today. One message was sent to me YESTERDAY from Europe via an email to Another was sent via around 5am EST today. I got both about the same time...around noon today. Pathetic.
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    Must be local network issues.
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    After switching from Verizon to Sprint, I must say that Sprint's SMS is far less robust.

    I've basically lost all ability to send SMS to China and Thailand. (I would guess I've also lost the ability to receive as well.) I'm still trying to figure out how important this particular feature is to me. :-)
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    Sorry to hear this. Text messaging problems (and Sprint's lack of response to them) caused me to leave Sprint a few years ago. I couldn't replace my pager with my Sprint phone because it was too unreliable in several states (CA, MO, CO, MN, & TX) at that time. VZW's SMS was not as reliable as a pager (of course) but it was acceptable for domestic messages.

    It this just an international messaging problem? I'm up for a VZW divorce or vow renewal in a few months.
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    Quote Originally Posted by scrinch
    It can take seconds, minutes, hours, or days for my daughter in the next room to receive an SMS that I send her...and we're both on the same Sprint account! Very erratic in northern California.
    I second that. In Nor Cal, it is usually seconds but sometimes many hours between two phones on the *same* PCS account.
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