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    Sprint Business Connection Personal Edition (BCPE) is a pretty useful program. It pushes your e-mail out to your Treo.

    But you have to keep your desktop PC running -- and keep BCPE connected on that PC -- for it to (continue to) work.

    Over the weekend, my employer had a brief network problem. BCPE disconnected and never reconnected. From that point forward, I got a "S7121" error from Sprint instead of my e-mail on my Treo. That's a problem.

    Now I'm looking for a solution ...

    I can use Task Scheduler in Windows to run BCPE on my PC. But that won't resestablish the connection if BCPE is already running but disconnected. The way the BCPE program seems to run, I have to be at my PC to click on the "connect" (or reconnect) button.

    Is there some way to set up BCPE on my PC to make a connection automatically or to reconnect automatically if it is already running but somehow gets disconnected?

    Thank you.
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    i have the same problem, or, occasionally, outlook will have a hiccup with a email password and requires user intervention.
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    A manual solution is to run Winhand, and fix the problem yourself when uou discover you are not connected.
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