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    Fellas, I've been a Verizon customer for the last year and a half... Due to a verizon mishap I get out of my contract March 2nd.

    I'm mostly switching for the Treo 650 and unlimited data.

    I MUST port my number over to Sprint from Verizon...

    So... here's the deal.

    I DO NOT want to have any down time on my phone number. It's my main contact number for work...

    I also DO NOT want to switch my account too early and be charged by Verizon for canceling.

    So, what's the best way to make the switch?

    I'm going with #1. Unless someone can tell me how I can make #2 work...

    1. Wait until March 2nd to make sure not to be charged by Verizon, order the Treo and pay a bit to verizon for the few extra days.

    2. Order my Treo NOW and play with it for the next three weeks until its time to ACTIVATE it after March 2nd. However I want to still only pay $320 for the phone... Any ideas on how to do this?

    Thoughts appreciated.

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    Go with #3.

    3. Wait until March 2nd. DO NOT CALL VERIZON AND CANCEL. Instead, go into a Sprint store with your latest Verizon bill and ask them to port the number. You walk out of the Sprint store with a programmed Sprint 650, and if the rep does the port correctly, at least one of the phones will be active at any given time.

    It is imperative that you do not cancel your Verizon line. Once your number is ported over, Verizon will automatically get cancelled. If you jump the gun and cancel with Verizon, your phone number will become their property again and be nearly impossible to get back.

    The way the porting process works, at least one of the phones should be working at any given time, and sometimes certain features of both will be active. For instance, once the port request begins, your will have two phones programmed with your number: one with Sprint, and one with Verizon. Initially, your Verizon phone will still make outgoing calls and receive incoming calls. However, after awhile, you may notice that your Verizon phone only takes incoming calls, and that you have to make outgoing calls with the Sprint line. Finally, around three (hopefully) hours later, your Sprint phone will work for both incoming and outgoing calls, and your Verizon account will automatically be cancelled.

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    Thanks for the third choice... just a bummer that I have to wait until March 2nd to play with a 650.

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    You could get the T650 now with a new sprint number, and wait till March 2nd to port your Verizon number to it, then cancel Verizon.
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    Tony, im going to possibly do this tomorrow. Bless you.

    I've been waiting on a 17" powerbook, a new mountain hardware jacket and this phone as xmas gifts...

    i want a goshdarn xmas gift before the end of feb!
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    here I am... in my house with my laptop and treo... and I said hell yeah i'll post with my new TREO!!!!!
    woooooooo hooooooo!!!!!!!
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    LOL. Glad to help. Congrats. Don't install too many apps at once, or you'll end up a random reset statistic
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    what sucks... is I reset 3 times b4 I installed anything! bummer...

    so far... great toy.

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