So I've wanted a 650 for a long time. For a good while I was put off do to all the bugs and overall negative tone of this board. Lately however I've been trying for the last 2 weeks to actually purchase a 650 but cannot wade through Sprint to get one. it seems every link I click or Sprint rep I talk to I get a different price. - 419.99 with a 2 year, or 469.99 with a 1 year business - 329.99 with a 2 year, 379.99 with a 1 year
my companies Sprint site - 449.99 2 year, no 1 year option.
Amazon - 309.99 for a 2 year and 359.99 for a 1 year
treo central - 319.99 for a 2 year, no 1 year option.

For all of the above when I mention a 1 year, I mean the rebate for the 2 year plan is 150$ which clearly states 150$ for a 2 year or 100$ for a 1 year. but without exception there is no option on any of the web sites to actually order the 1 year plan.

So I called Sprint. I was promptly, after 20 minutes on hold, told 329.99 for a 2 year or 499.99 for a 1 year. I instructed him how to get to his own link for therebate to which he agreed yes it said 150 for 2 or 100 for 1 but his reply was well you can't get the 100 unless you order online, but he would honor the 2 year 150 on the phone. When I asked well where is the extra 20 bucks he is charging me for the 1 year his reply was "That's just how much it costs"

So now I sit 650-less. I feel like Sprint is just dishonest. I would try to get the cingular, but A) it's more expensive, and B) I didn't have terrific service with AT&T and it has gotten moderately worse with Cingular.

Is there any suggestions, or perhaps an honest site to order through?