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    I'm a VZW user in NJ -- have had the T600 since last August (I was very soon after VZW started offering it....).

    I have days where the Wireless Sync from my Outlook client thru to the T600 is as close to instantaneous as one could imagine. I mean, I could look at Outlook, turn away to do something else and seconds later get a tone on the T600 indicating a new msg and look back at Outlook -- sure enough, it was a new message!

    I also have MANY days where I don't get a sync all day! I try restarting the Wireless Sync Client and it _might_ sync once when it restarts...but then doesn't for the rest of the day/week -- until I restart it again.

    Has anyone else experienced such wildly varying Quality of Service with their T600??? It's really no good if I can't rely on it..."It's only as good as the network it's on," right?

    If anyone has contacted VZW and received any tips, patches, updates, etc. I'd appreciate it if you could share.

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    I have had the similar problems. Some days no sync unles I restart the Wireless Sync program or restart my PC. Have had my 500 for about 3 months and this has just been happening the last week. I have 3 service calls in. It has been upgraded to Wireless Sync techies. If I get any solution I will let you know...
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    Appreciate sharing anything you find out.
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    I have a client in the Rochester, NY area who's complaining about the same thing - it'll work perfectly sometimes and then other times won't sync anything. Looks like I'll have to advise him to bother Verizon about it as there appears to be no solution as of yet.

    Keep the thread updated! :-)

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