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    Besides obvious price differences, are there any hidden costs or benefits in terms of support and service to consider when buying a treo from the
    PalmOne site,
    vs TreoCentral or MyTreo,
    vs Sprint on line
    vs a bricks and mortar Sprint store?
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    Ordered a T650 @ on 1/21/05, still waiting for delivery.... Supposed to be today. In the mean time, Sprint F***ed up my existing accounts by dropping one of my numbers (wife's phone, that got me a lot of points ). They now have to escalate it to whatever level and try to recover the number before it is reused. On the phone with them 40 minutes, explained to 3 or 4 people what they had done..... 2 days ago now, still no resolution.
    So, its been a bumpy ride and we're not done yet! So my advice would be go and get the phone where you can lay your hands on it and walk out with it when you want.

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