I had been waiting for 2/1/05 to become eligible for a rebate on one of my phones. That in and of itself is a crock; The phone I have on that number I got from my brother after the people who were reselling Sprint service to his employer went bankrupt, not from Sprint. The last phone I bought from Sprint for that number was in like 2002. The other line, the one which is a Treo 600, has an affinity unit I got from Handpsring because I was a 300 owner, and they show that as eligible sometime in October 2005. That's also more than 18 months.

So, now it's after 2/1, and lo, SprintRebates magically changed to 2/1/06.
I could probably call retention and whine about it, but I just don't feel like it. If I have to exert effort, maybe it's time to switch providers. Well, maybe in a few weeks, anyway.