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    i was planning on getting an unlocked 650 and a Tmobile phone / sim and doing the switch.

    However with the price hike the Sprint 650 price and the cost of their data makes the cost of this package look appealing.

    From my understanding the data rates seem to comparable in the real world vs on paper between CDMA and GSM/Edge

    What has been your voice qualtiy experience with Sprint coverage in Chicago? Especially with data and ideally also with data?

    Since HP is supposed to announce a new offering in a couple of weeks. Sprint and HP seem now to be better prospects then Cingular or Unlocked GSM.
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    There are other threads here to talk about Chicago-area coverage from Sprint (and other carriers), but I would say that since a few years ago when Sprint beefed up the area coverage, I've had few issues with voice or data signals. When I do have problems I'm in the middle of a skyscraper or something like that. Although, this past Thursday I was on the 99th floor of the Sears tower and I had 3-4 bars most of the time while the T-mo & AT&T folks had 0-1 bars.
    - Fushigi
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    I'm in the Northwest suburbs with Sprint. I don't get into the city much, but in the northwest and west suburbs I can't complain at all. I used to have T-moble, and that was a nightmare. Terrible coverage.

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