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    Call 1-800-658-7564

    I called and said the following in a soft calm voice.

    Me: Can you connect me to the retention department?
    Her: This is the retention department.
    Me: I would like to cancel my account. When will this be effective.
    Her: Now or at the end of your billing cycle.
    Me: Great
    Her: Why are you canceling?
    Me: I am going to cingular.
    Her: Can we work on your plan?
    Me: What do you have to offer me?
    Her: (She said a bunch of crap)
    Me: I dont need that. I would like unlimited text messaging, pcs to pcs, $10 vision
    Her: You can sign a 2 year contract and blah blah
    Me: Im not willing to do that with sprint, I was just wondering how long have I been with sprint?
    Her: Since 2000
    Me: I know people with $10 vision can i have that
    Her: Sure but you wont get $5 credit to buy stuff
    Me: No problem go ahead and give it to me. I dont use that anyway.

    - Did not have to sign a contract or anything!
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    Yea, that's a brilliant idea. what happens when you don't work out a deal and they actually cancel your account? Once cancelled you can NOT port your number. A better thing to say would be, "I heard I should call you to see if you can make it worth my while to stay, otherwise I'm going to port to cingular today".
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    If Your Cancel Doesnt Take Effect Until A Certain Date, Im Sure They Would Be Happy To Cancel Your Cancellation
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    They have canceled my account without offering anything before. It is effective at the end of your billing cycle if u take that option. I then called right back and said I changed my mind.
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    Go with "I'm thinking about cancelling my account........."
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    The devils in the details! I'm finally month-to-month with Sprint w/a T600.
    I currently pay $45/month for 1000 anytime minutes (CA & NV) with a $15 unlimited vision plan. My Night/weekends start at 9pm. I've been using Sprint since October 2002 (Treo 300).

    Back in the day when I had a T300, I had $10 unlimited vision. Unfortantely, I took a temp job with Sprint in late 2003/early 2004...when they laid people off in 2004, they immediately cancelled by phone number and I had to start the process all over, even a new phone number. By this time, I had the T600 but the catch was that I had to get $15 unlimited vision. No amount of convivncing got me the $10 deal. But that was then!

    So here's my question, regarding my subject header: I'm thinking about "eating it" (the $15 month for unlimited vision) till about November 2005 when the next Treo comes out. (In theory anyway.) By then, I would think I would have even more leverage with Sprint and could haggle with them with just about everything (Cost of the new Treo with a one-year agreement, including covergage plan price tweaks, inc. a $10 unlimited vision plan with either a 8pm or 7pm night and weekends.

    The only catch is that Sprint will probably have their network upgraded by then, and who knows what will happen with the whole DUN thing.

    Your thoughts and comments on my plan would be appreciated!
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    I can't use any leverage with Sprint other than saying "you guys suck compared to Cingular." In reality they both suck just about the same.

    I've only been with Sprint for a little over a month, so I can't pull rank. But I was able to get out of my contract with no penalty by calling Sprint Business 100,000 times.
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    $10? I just asked if they would give it to me for free. I've been with Sprint since 97 & they kept the $5 download credit on their! I don't know if they will gift it to anyone, but my plan is the 2000 minutes for $100 with two shared phones (for free) with another 15 percent off a month. PCS to PCS is free and nights starting at 7 is free. All I ever have done is asked. Eventually you'll get a decent rep.
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    If you currently have Vision, say you are thinking about cancelling it b/c you don't think it's worth the $15 per month... sometimes when an acct is brought up in the system there is an option for the Specialist(not always) which allows them to offer you the service for $10 as a save effort... if they don't bite and offer you this, just don't cancel, or call back and add it again instantly.

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