FOr anyone on Sprint who hates the fact that a new user can get the 650 with a $150 rebate . Sprint also gives a 18 month $150 rebate phoen upgrade.

I qualify for neither . My contract was up a few months ago but I still have 6 months to go until I qualify for the $150 18month rebate so I called up sprint and an operator told me i cant get the rebate . And you cant just cancel your contract and sign a new one as you have to wait 6 monhs to be a new user and you have to get new phone numbers.

Called the retention department and told them I was going to go cancel my plan with them and go to Cingular . Thats all I had to say. I imediatly got a $150 retention rebate and moved to 7pm nights and weekends and free Sprint to Sprint calls.

Pays to keep calling . Phone was $600-$150 =450
And by the way Sprint will buy back your Treo 600 for $75 meaning another $75 rebate if you dont want to use the 600 anymore or sell it . EVen better if you broke it or its ion bad shape and cant sell it.

I am selling mine on Ebay but if i was kinda busy and didnt want the hassle i would have took the $75 bringing the phone to $375