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    I know this belongs in the Sprint Thread, so moderators can move it if they like, but more people viewing here than there...

    I just bought my T650 yesterday, $329.00:

    -150.00 (New Line Activation)
    -120.00 (20% Discount from Web, Business Solutions - THEY GAVE THIS TO ME AT THE STORE - I'm not a business account! - made a copy of the web page, and brought in and asked...they honored it! I didn't even have to b**** for it)

    Anyway, more good news, I was having Vision Provisioning problem (as with almost every Smartphone I've bought from SprintPCS). Called Customer Service, they put me through to a tech, he got me up and running in maybe 10 minutes....THEN...He says he see my account has unlimited vision for $15.00, and that he will change it to $10.00 per month for the life of the contract (2yrs) for my trouble (WHAT TROUBLE....I'm with SPRINT, I've gotten use to trouble!...10 minutes problem fixed - that's not trouble!)...but $10/mo for unlimited date (30% reduction!)...NICE!

    I even called back to customer service, and they verified the change was made on my contract.

    Has anybody else received the $10/mo price?...I haven't seen it discussed here. If anyone needs my cell # to verify and use to get the deal for themselves, I'm happy to help a fellow TreoCentral member, you guys have helped me out as I have 'lurked' these threads looking for insight.

    THANKS TO ALL...HOPE YOU ALL GET $10/mo Vision
    ($5.00 for each addt'l line - I have 3 total! $20 bucks for all).
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    I signed up for Vision in its infancy @ $10 for unlimited. I'm glad to see there is a way to get that again (under certain circumstances). It just proves that there is quite a mark up (what elseis new).
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    Hey Jeff -

    Since you have 3 lines, what type of plan did you get? Thanks for the tips...
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    I got the new fair and flexible (or something like that)...2500 minutes for $125.00, $15 (then to $10) for vision, $5.00 for each extra phone, $5.00 for each additional 100 minutes to 3500 (blocks of 100 at a time), after that .05 cents each add'l minute (for only the exact minutes used). No extra line charges. No extra fees for pcs to pcs.

    I went from a 3500 minute plan ($135.00), where I use between 2000 and 3500 each month. with $15.00 vision on each phone, $10.00 for pcs to pcs., and $10 for each add'l line on the account.

    So potentially if I used 3500 minutes, my bill would be $195.00 vs. $210.00 on the old plan....BUT, if I do less minutes, which was the general usage, I could save up to $50 per month.

    I mean, it wasn't like I saved a fortune or anything, but with three lines, it felt like it was about the best deal I could do at this point...but if somene finds something better, let me know!!...I've got 30 days to pull out.

    I was just surprised about the $10 vision.
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    Not to brag TOO much, but I have two lines and don't pay anything for unlimited Vision on either line. However, I've had this plan since around December 2002.

    I've got 2000 A/T minutes shared between two phones for $100, 50 minutes free roaming on each line, unlimited nights and weekends, unlimited PCS to PCS, unlimited Vision on each line, unlimited SMS on both lines, Voice Command on my line, and insurance on both for $5 a piece. The only thing I pay extra for is the insurance.

    Don't let anyone tell you Sprint doesn't take care of their customers.
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    I was getting the $15 Vision, but I called up the other day and asked if there was a $10 'Internet only' option since I never downloaded apps. The CS rep looked at my account, said I had their highest credit rating, and said he saw the $10 Vision was available and added it.
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    jeffhas -

    I just wanted to say THANK YOU for the tip - it worked!! At first they told me I needed to set up a business account, which I agreed to do. Unfortunately, they wanted a $250 deposit for a business account (since I don't currently have a business). I told them I wasn't interested, so the rep offered to give me the 20% discount on a personal plan instread. Of course, I agreed. AND THEN she told me that since I was purchasing the phone at a brand new Sprint store, I got another $50 credit! So let's see - that is $599 - $150 (instant credit) - $120 (20% discount) - $50 (new store bonus) = $279!!!

    I picked up another phone for my wife, and went with the F&F 800 minutes for $70, plus Vision and the phone insurance. I couldn't be happier - so again - THANKS!!

    It pays to read these forums...

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    Great!...but now it's my turn to Thank you, because I'm gonna call and get that $50 Credit you got! does pay to read these forums..Thanks much!

    Get your $10/mo unlimited vision!

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    Of course, maybe I won't get it, because you went to a NEW store...but I'm glad for you just the same!
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    Hmmmmmm.. I got:

    3 lines( one line is in a diff area a different state)
    2000 min/shared
    Unlimited Vision
    Unlimited Text messaging
    Unlimited Picture Mail
    Unlimited Roaming
    E/W 7pm

    80 a month!!

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    How'd you get that!!!!...sounds like the deal man!

    Share so we may learn.
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    Are you BSing us 34? How did you get that plan? Please share...
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    Quote Originally Posted by 98GSR
    I was getting the $15 Vision, but I called up the other day and asked if there was a $10 'Internet only' option since I never downloaded apps. The CS rep looked at my account, said I had their highest credit rating, and said he saw the $10 Vision was available and added it.
    I read this post and just did the same thing! I ended up applying the $5/mo i saved to getting vision on my wife's phone.

    We like TreoCentral!
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    does anyone have a link to the 20% off site?
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    never mind i found it
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    Called tonite to get my # ported from my old AT&T phone to the Sprint 650 and before we finished, I asked about my vision plan.... Said "I heard the $15 included a $5 download credit -- i dont really need that etc, etc, etc.. Could you knock off the 5 since I wont be using it?" -----
    ---- "yeah sure" -- easy as that
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    doh! I called and then suddenly realized that I had the free vision for 2 yrs plan with that real estate thingie ( ) I hung up after the rep put me on hold.....
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    Way to revive this thread..... As in my post above, every Sprint customer should give this a shot -- just call and ask for it.

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    Actually, I had to call twice ... the first person said that Vision was $15 and I was misinformed. I called again today and they updated my account to $10. I have a business account.

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    Just be careful! The old $15 vision plans had unlimited text messaging, and I believe the new $10 vision plans do not. If you want unlimited text messaging back, it's another $5 (bringing the Vision price back to $15).
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