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    Quote Originally Posted by MAdMoNKEY
    Just be careful! The old $15 vision plans had unlimited text messaging, and I believe the new $10 vision plans do not. If you want unlimited text messaging back, it's another $5 (bringing the Vision price back to $15).
    the old vision included 100 sms's per month, so with the five bucks you save you could get unlimited sms's
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    Quote Originally Posted by Franko515
    the old vision included 100 sms's per month, so with the five bucks you save you could get unlimited sms's
    I guess it depends on how old your vision is. I started my Vision plan last February, and it has unlimited SMS messages built in (but I pay $15). Or maybe I just got lucky. Anyways, I'm always wary about messing with my Sprint plan unless I absolutely have to because something always gets screwed up in the process and takes weeks to resolve
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    Yeah, my $15 vision plan I signed up for this February had 100 SMS... Same deal on my now $10 vision.

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    My vision plan (signed up dec 2003) is $15, includes $10 in credits, and unlimited sms. I think I'll stick with this one.

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    I: Cliff Notes history...

    I used to have $10 unlimited vision (T300) since Oct 2002. But in Nov 2003 I had a job through Sprint via Fry's Electronics and had free phone service for 1.5 months. By then I had a T600. When layoffs hit, they immediately cut off my phone service and I had to get a new phone number, etc. which by then I could not revert to a $10 Vision plan and had to pony up an extra $5...

    II: Current Scenario

    ...Until I saw this thread. I had called Sprint the other day and told them the Cliff Notes story above. I had asked them since I only use vision for checking e-mail and Webs surfing, could I have my Vision plan back to $10. (I did not mention text messaging, as to not upset the apple cart.) It helped that I was month-to month with them, so they agreed.

    III: My current bill...

    ...that I just got today still shows the $15 vision--with unlimited text messaging. I plan to call them up to double check on the Vision change to my plan. To be sure, I plan to use my text messaging gingerly for the next month and see what my next official bill looks like (or maybe I'll look on the Web).

    IV: Points to ponder:

    By the time Sprint upgrdes it's data plan to the higher speed network, I wonder how much they plan to charge for the higher speed (if at all.) Since I still plan to be month-to-month with Sprint until the next gen Treo comes out (T700?) and (unless Sprint screws up my plan like they are known to do), I figure having a $10/month vision plan will make it easier for me to haggle/position myself if Sprint does decide to increase vision services. In the meantime, I hope I can save $5 month ($60/year! Hey, it all adds up!)
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    It seems I'm on the only member of TC who does NOT "qualify" for the $10/month price on Vision. I spoke with a Business Service rep (I have a business account) who told me that "the system puts a notation in your account once you have had Vision for 'long enough' and that qualifies you for the $10/month price. I've had it for 1 year. Is there anyone who has had it for less time than that and got the $10/month price? Also, she is telling me that Vision is $10 in some areas, so were you originally paying $15/month and they dropped it to $10 or did it start at $10? Thanks.
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    I was told as well it's based somewhat on geography. Some markets get a lower price then others as part of a promo. I guess I'll try again, but I'm not holding out too much hope. Of course, I got my 650 as part of a free upgrade from having had to trade in 6 previous 600's, so I guess can't really complain too much.
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    i just got my treo about 3 months ago and at first i had the 15 dollar vision then i read here about a month ago it was 10 dollars minus the five bucks in downloads. i called they switched me in about 10 min. . i just took over my wifes account and bought her a treo about a week ago got her vision to start at 10 dollars when i asked . call back ask someone else
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    Some jacka** said that it wasn't available to me because I am a business customer? Bull****

    What should we specifically ask for? So the difference between the 10 and 15 dollar plan is that they just allow you 5 in downloads?

    So isn't the vision always 10 dollars plus 5 in credits but now they let you take off the 5 in credits? The simpleton I spoke with was talking about a business vision package and basic.
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    Sound like keep trying. For those that succeeded letting us know how long you've had the account, where you live, and who you talk to at Sprint might help.

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    JACKPOT!!! I just got off the phone w/Sprint and they converted me to $10/month for my Vision acct. I used CRSO's example of telling the rep since $5 is applied toward downloads/ringtones, (although he actually said $10) and I never use that, he switched me over to a $10/month acct. Persistance is the key. I called yesterday with no success, but today, my cell phone bill is now $5 less per month

    To answer Ivory's question, I'm a biz customer who's been with Sprint since July '99 living in SF, CA. I just managed to get a helpful rep.
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    It is called the SprintMBU plan (I think--at first I thought she said 'Malibu' is $10/mon for unlimited internet and 100 sms/mon and does not include d/l credits. I got switched.
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    Does the $10/month plan include programs like SnapperMail and checking e-mail?
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