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    I've had the Treo 600 since the day they released it to business customers. I've always had the $45 unlimited plan. According to their billing, I use 45MB per month on average. I bought PDANet but I am having a horrible time with it...I constantly drop the connection requiring a restart of the notebook as well as the Treo...I can't live with it anymore.

    I am thinking about buying the 5220 for just data use on my notebook....but here is the issue. We all know the Treo signs on the net for every little thing. If I switch it to QNC and drop my internet minutes and it still signs on, I will just get charged for airtime not internet minutes, right?

    I searched for QNC but couldn't find a straight answer to my question and according to Verizon QNC is not supported so they won't tell me.

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    Look for my reply later today. I have a friend who works for Verizon. I'll ask him what's up with the minutes charge and the QNC. I would think they would just take it out of your minutes but there is no telling with these guts.
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    Thank you. I have 2 friends that work for Verizon as well, but in sales, which doesnt help because they have never heard of QNC and the tech support people in the stores are useless as they know nothing about billing.

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    I Had Problems With Pdanet Too. A Simple Reinstall On Both The Pc And Treo Fixed It

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