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    Question, just verizonfied my T650 with the assistance of mines and shadowmite (much thanks!), and I had a question. How do I put Verizon MobileWeb Software on my T650? I don't really need the high speed connection, and perhaps luckily, I logged the phone into Verizon as a Audiovox 8940 which is VCAST capable, so in my conversation with the verizon rep, they added the 15 VCAST option, but I don't know how to set up MobileWeb (is it thru High Speed Network?), don't really know the answer.

    Thanks for the help!
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    How did this work out for you?
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    Verizon's Mobile Web is nothing more than a portal that allow's you to use a cell phone to browse WAP websites.

    You don't need this with a Treo. You have a browser that's capable of browsing "full" websites as well as WAP sites.
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    i AM curious what the link is to the portal- anyone know?

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